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International Working Women Book Club

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First meeting theme: Networking

The Book Club meetings will be conducted in English. During the 1st meeting, we'll discuss various Book Club themes which the participants are interested in. We'll discuss work-related and career-related literature. The book club is aimed at women interested in working life and career development,
who want to discuss the topics in English.

We welcome both Finnish Language speakers and speakers of other languages to the Book Club!
For more information: Vignes Mustola (vignesmustola@hotmail.com)
Krista Holopainen (kristaholopainen@protonmail.com)
Sini Kiuas (sini.kiuas@hameenlinna.fi)

This Book Club is organized by International Working Women of Finland ry. and Hämeenlinnan pääkirjasto.

International Working Women Book Club perutaan kirjaston tiloissa tapahtuvana kokoontumisena ja kokoontuu etänä, kiinnostuneet saavat lisätietoa sini.kiuas@hameenlinna.fi


  • ma 7.12. klo 17.30–18.45





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